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Sand Animation – Touching and an Amazing Piece of work T_T

July 28, 2009

I got sent this email from my Dad over the sumer holiday from the many he’s been sending me of random jokes and stuff, but this one had me stop for a second because this is absolutely amazing. The music is from the Inqusition Synmphoney’s “Nothing Else Matters”, and the techniques used by the artists, including presision and design is really something I’ve never seen used before, especially on tv too. This was taken from “Ukraines got Talent”, a spin from the one you see in Britian obviously. Please watch for yourself!



December 8, 2008

Here are some animations I had to do as part of the animation excerise. I thought I would post them up in one big bunch to make it easier.

Update – Looks like Youtube doesnt like my .mov files and wordpress wont take them, so I’ll have to upload them at a later date. Probably for the best.


Tutorial – Lip Sync Exercise

December 5, 2008

In this tutorial as the title states, we took part in a lip sync exercise. We where all split up into several groups first and then given a different part of a sound bite in which to lipsinc to. In order to do this we had to cut out several different things such as heads, objects etc from newpapers and magazines. These cutouts would then be put together to make the person that was going to talk. In order to get the person to lip sync correctly we had to draw and cut out several different shaped mouths. These would help form the different sounds used during the speaking process. We where to take all these different mouth and cutouts and shoot them in accordance to the soundbite, so it looked like them talking or effectively lip syncing. Here is the finished product that the whole class produced in the end, you’ll find the ones that our group completed was the one with O J Simpson and the one with the old man towards the end. Enjoy…