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Supporting Studies – Use of Line

December 5, 2008

On this fridays lesson I have to say we focused mainly on line and different attempts to use line in different ways. The first set of pictures made by only drawing in the main shadows that where on a person. This was useful but because I think I was so used to drawing figures whole, I found it quite hard to only look at the shadows then on. This was an iteresting excersise but I think I need more practice using toning a shading. I should put that forward as a useful lesson.


The next set of drawings where made using different types of line. These where all different types of emotion, so for example, the last dark one is one of anger and so on. This was useful because it can show how you can use expression in that way. By using a different style of drawing you can use it to manipulate the emotions you want to get across.


This last one was an odd one, we had to practice drawing in three different ways. The first one was by looking at the person we where drawing but never looking at the paper we where drawing onto. The second one was by looking at the person for 20secs and then closing or eyes to draw what we could remember, still not looking at the paper. The last one was a bit easier for me because it required us to draw with our other had, so for me that was my right hand (yes im one of the few that is left handed).


This was a interesting experimentation though I dont think I’ll be drawing with my eyes closed, creating masterpieces any time soon, unless that could be considered an art form?


Supporting Studies – Storyboarding – Working Within a Shape of a Frame

December 5, 2008

Here we where asked to create several different shaped frames an then asked to create a storyboard with them.  I really enjoyed this exercise because it had a twist to it which found quite interesting to work with. Also it helped me experiment with the different ways in which you can create effectiveness by using different shaped frames.



Supporting Studies – Life Drawing Exercise – Emotion

December 5, 2008

Here we where asked to draw a person who was showing a particular mood. We drew several different characteristics of these emotions to help get a better idea on the stance that a person has in that moment. It helped me because it shows what different parts of their body language give of the aura that they are in fact happy, sad etc…



Supporting Studies – Looking at Angles

December 5, 2008

For this particular supporting studies lesson we where asked to experiment and focus on the use of angles within the actual body figure itself. I found this very useful because I find it quite hard sometimes to get the body proportions and angles to match. Focusing on angles give you a deeper feel for the acutal position and stance of a drawing, its to give a understanding to the dynamic that makes the drawing come together.




Character Design – Life Drawings

November 21, 2008

Here a few drawings from life drawing. These are just a basic few but the idea was to try an capture motion within the drawing itself, it helps animate because thats what the animator has to convey. I found it quite hard not having done a lot of life drawing in the past but I feel it something I should definiatly focus on a lot more.




Drawings – Locations and Pinecones – Storyboards

November 21, 2008

These are a few sketches from my drawing sessions where I was asked to go outside and start drawing different things framed. These where helped to create the idea’s and principles of a storyboard. After that we where then asked to put the frames in a sort of order that could tell a story board if it had been in a storyboard.



Characters Studies Continued – Silhouettes

November 21, 2008

This was an excersise we were asked to do with I though was quite useful, I think it helped focus less on detail and more on getting the rough outline right to make it proportional to the amount of space the character took up. I was asked to put my character specifically into different situations doing different things.



Characters Studies

November 21, 2008

Here are abstract forms of certian thing, like for instance you can see the top left one is a human and directly blow that is a monkey. These are the ideas of shapes I came up with to represent these thing. It was quite a interesting excersise and I think the idea of it was to inspire creativity.


Here these are going about the same ideas, but instead they’re characterised by a certain situation.



Character Development

November 20, 2008

These are the first sets of characters development drawings that I started on a friday drawing session with Lewis. My initial idea was to make a character that was’nt particulary human so I had something a little more flexiable to work with, and then I just came up with the idea of a scarecrow. Below are a few preliminary drawings I had of him to begin with.


And even further below is my attempt at the different angles of a full body shot of him.