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January 4, 2009


Hellsing is one of my favourite japanese anime artworks. The heavey feel and gothic-ness (word?) around it I find very dark and mysterious. I was more drawn into writing about this one because of the dark colours it uses so well. The reds, blacks and white tones are used in a way to express that gothic medium and dark characteristic about it.

The anime itself was created by Kouta Hirano who authored the original manga before being turned into an anime and then into an OVA. There are two very distinct styles when taking into account whether the anime/manga was a anime or manga first before it became either one of its counterparts. You can generally notice the difference between whether something was released as a manga or anime first. I find the cut on a anime is much cleaner if it was released that way first, and you can find a certain amount of sketchy-ness (word again?) if it a anime released from a manga. If you get what I mean, job done, if not shame on you! People take the time to understand Shakespeare so why not me?

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November 21, 2008


Now I started to come away from the mainstream anime such as Bleach and Naruto for about a year now, and its really opened my eyes to a lot of other anime’s out there, I have watched them before, but Ive begun to appreciate them more than I should of done.

Appleseed is a classic that everyone should watch at least once, especially if you are an animator anyway. Its a film that was written by Haruka Handa and Tsutomu Kamishiro, and directed by Shinji Aramaki. Its the first out of the two movies, the second being called Appleseed EX Machina, and all the characters are based on the manga series characters originally created by Masamune Shirow the all time creator and father to the Ghost in The Shell series.

If you like CG and the anime style then you should definatly consider watching this as its a great film. Again if theres not a copy available in the library then just ask me for my copy to borrow.



November 21, 2008


I’m quite into Asian film so I could go on forever and list some really good movies but, Im just going to pick a few of the ones I really like. I watched Versus for the first time about a year ago and thought it was a great film. Versus was written by Ryuhei Kitamura and released in 2000, its classed as a Japanese action/horror film. The things I really liked about it was because it was different. The story was different, the characters had a wide mixture of personalities and the scene is very unlikely.

I think there is also a wide variety of camera shots and motions used so If your interested in that you should definitely take a look to see what I mean. I don’t want to say too much just to not give it away but, if your into both Asian cinema/martial arts then you should definitely take a look into it. Its kind of hard to get a decent cheap copy today, I had to go up to HMV in London Piccadilly to get mine after ordering it from them and never getting a copy, so if you want to take a look just ask to borrow it from me, though I thing the library has a copy on VHS.

Theres no good quality youtube links to the trailer so heres the one on IMDB