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January 4, 2009


Hellsing is one of my favourite japanese anime artworks. The heavey feel and gothic-ness (word?) around it I find very dark and mysterious. I was more drawn into writing about this one because of the dark colours it uses so well. The reds, blacks and white tones are used in a way to express that gothic medium and dark characteristic about it.

The anime itself was created by Kouta Hirano who authored the original manga before being turned into an anime and then into an OVA. There are two very distinct styles when taking into account whether the anime/manga was a anime or manga first before it became either one of its counterparts. You can generally notice the difference between whether something was released as a manga or anime first. I find the cut on a anime is much cleaner if it was released that way first, and you can find a certain amount of sketchy-ness (word again?) if it a anime released from a manga. If you get what I mean, job done, if not shame on you! People take the time to understand Shakespeare so why not me?

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ps: Hope Everyone had a good Christmas/New Year!