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December 8, 2008

Here are some animations I had to do as part of the animation excerise. I thought I would post them up in one big bunch to make it easier.

Update – Looks like Youtube doesnt like my .mov files and wordpress wont take them, so I’ll have to upload them at a later date. Probably for the best.


Tutorial – Lip Sync Exercise

December 5, 2008

In this tutorial as the title states, we took part in a lip sync exercise. We where all split up into several groups first and then given a different part of a sound bite in which to lipsinc to. In order to do this we had to cut out several different things such as heads, objects etc from newpapers and magazines. These cutouts would then be put together to make the person that was going to talk. In order to get the person to lip sync correctly we had to draw and cut out several different shaped mouths. These would help form the different sounds used during the speaking process. We where to take all these different mouth and cutouts and shoot them in accordance to the soundbite, so it looked like them talking or effectively lip syncing. Here is the finished product that the whole class produced in the end, you’ll find the ones that our group completed was the one with O J Simpson and the one with the old man towards the end. Enjoy…


Supporting Studies – Use of Line

December 5, 2008

On this fridays lesson I have to say we focused mainly on line and different attempts to use line in different ways. The first set of pictures made by only drawing in the main shadows that where on a person. This was useful but because I think I was so used to drawing figures whole, I found it quite hard to only look at the shadows then on. This was an iteresting excersise but I think I need more practice using toning a shading. I should put that forward as a useful lesson.


The next set of drawings where made using different types of line. These where all different types of emotion, so for example, the last dark one is one of anger and so on. This was useful because it can show how you can use expression in that way. By using a different style of drawing you can use it to manipulate the emotions you want to get across.


This last one was an odd one, we had to practice drawing in three different ways. The first one was by looking at the person we where drawing but never looking at the paper we where drawing onto. The second one was by looking at the person for 20secs and then closing or eyes to draw what we could remember, still not looking at the paper. The last one was a bit easier for me because it required us to draw with our other had, so for me that was my right hand (yes im one of the few that is left handed).


This was a interesting experimentation though I dont think I’ll be drawing with my eyes closed, creating masterpieces any time soon, unless that could be considered an art form?


Supporting Studies – Storyboarding – Working Within a Shape of a Frame

December 5, 2008

Here we where asked to create several different shaped frames an then asked to create a storyboard with them.  I really enjoyed this exercise because it had a twist to it which found quite interesting to work with. Also it helped me experiment with the different ways in which you can create effectiveness by using different shaped frames.



Supporting Studies – Life Drawing Exercise – Emotion

December 5, 2008

Here we where asked to draw a person who was showing a particular mood. We drew several different characteristics of these emotions to help get a better idea on the stance that a person has in that moment. It helped me because it shows what different parts of their body language give of the aura that they are in fact happy, sad etc…



Supporting Studies – Looking at Angles

December 5, 2008

For this particular supporting studies lesson we where asked to experiment and focus on the use of angles within the actual body figure itself. I found this very useful because I find it quite hard sometimes to get the body proportions and angles to match. Focusing on angles give you a deeper feel for the acutal position and stance of a drawing, its to give a understanding to the dynamic that makes the drawing come together.