The Star & Chain – Text

November 21, 2008

Heres a typed copy of the text I am working on for this project,

Star and Chain

In 1961, during a visit to Provincetown, Massachusetts, I
bought a hand-crafted one-of-a-kind Star of David on a
chain. I wore it all the time. In 1981 the chain broke while I
was swimming in the ocean off Atlantic city, and I lost it in
the surf. In 1991, during Christmas vacation, my fifteen-year-
old son and I were poking around in an antique shop in Lake
Placid, New York, when a piece of jewelery caught his eye. He
called me over to take a look. It was the Star of David that
had been swallowed up by the ocean ten years before.

Steve Lacheen, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I feel its quite a heartfelt piece which even though written like a story, has all the meaning of a poem included in it as well. Some bits are almost a little too bit vague on the details but its a nice little story because you can kind of relate to it in a way, if not exactly then emotionally at least you had those feelings.

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