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Character Development

November 20, 2008

These are the first sets of characters development drawings that I started on a friday drawing session with Lewis. My initial idea was to make a character that was’nt particulary human so I had something a little more flexiable to work with, and then I just came up with the idea of a scarecrow. Below are a few preliminary drawings I had of him to begin with.


And even further below is my attempt at the different angles of a full body shot of him.



Star and Chain Ideas & Drawings

November 20, 2008

After looking at the poem as a group and individually having our own ideas about the story, we each decided to go away and draw up sketches and ideas of what the story might look like. My first idea was to start setting the scene and start drawing a few ideas of what the surroundings might look like and what the shop and beaches would look like as well.


Here I took completed a few drawings and notes to what ideas I had during the time.